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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ITIL Foundation Certification Tips

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ITIL Foundation Certification
Do you want to take ITIL Foundation Certification?

The EXIN or ISEB ITIL Foundation examination consists of 40 multiple choice questions where the answer from 4 possible answers provided should be selected. One of the marks awarded for correct answers and no marks are deducted for wrong answers. The time allocated is 1 hour and a minimum score of 26 marks from 40 needed to pass.

Many may fear the idea of having to sit for the examination and normal even though they may be quite prepared for the examination through independent study or has attended a formal training course.

These are tips that I usually share with the ITIL Foundation course participants before they sit for the ITIL Foundation certification exam. Most have found these tips useful.

1. You have 60 minutes to answer 40 questions. This works out to 1.5 minutes per question. This is more than enough time. Therefore, no need to hurry, take your time.

2. It is natural to be a little nervous at first, therefore good practice to relax a little. Attempt easy questions first, followed by a more difficult question. If you miss a question, make sure you mark your answers properly on the number of questions on the answer sheet or form.

3. Always there are some hard questions in 40 questions. Do not panic if you do not know the answers to some questions. You can still pass the exam and get your certification.

4. Many candidates who make the wrong choice because they did not clearly understand what is asked in the question. One key tip is that you must read the question carefully.

5. Find KEYWORDS in the questions and answers. Most of the time, they will take you to the right choice. Sometimes the answer is simpler than you think!

6. It may be that you have implemented ITIL or IT Service Management which is different from the book. This examination is based on ITIL book. Therefore, for an hour: forgot your experiences!

7. Extra careful when questions have words like "best", "the most accurate," "closest." This suggests that some options in this question is (somewhat) true. But there's only one answer which is the most complete and therefore the BEST.

8. Be careful when a question has the word "NO" in it.

9. If you do not know what is right, it helps when you start with what went wrong. Narrow the possibilities by eliminating some of the answer (s) that you know / wrong.

10. If you have to make a guess, this is a good practice NOT to change an answer later (unless you really know the answer after some careful thought.) In other words: if you need to make a guess, do not guess anymore! Your intuition is often right the first time.

With the above tips, hopefully you will do the best you can for your inspection.

[1]   Jeffry HS Lee, http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jeffrey_HS_Lee

Friday, September 24, 2010

tips for ITIL certification

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tips for ITIL certification certificate
Are you planning for getting ITIL Certification?
It is not easy to get ITIL Certificate, this article gives you some valuable tips how to be successfully get ITIL Certification.

Well, we will give you many hints and tips on revision days associated with ITIL training course, but they benefit from repetition:

You will hear this said a million times (well maybe not much, but you get the idea?

Read Tanya Flippin '.

The answer Flippin 'Question: Answer the question asked, not that you prepare your answer, which was not requested. Although difficult to hear you will not get a question that asks you to write down everything you know about management issues!

Ronseal is the answer .... You know, do exactly what it says on the tin!

Do not forget Case Studies
Most of the questions in the exam ITIL manager associated with the study cse. If the answer is related to Case Study, remember to call it. Coroner wants to know whether you can apply your knowledge management services for a particular situation.

Focus and breadth
While the points are a quick and efficient method of valuation halfpoints, for the overall points score usually requires you to make a statement to support the benefits of each bullet.

Examiners are not stupid ... but think of them!
Putting etc at the end of the list can not convince the examiner to provide a further sign.
To get full value, make sure that you clearly link the justification to the points you make.
For example, A CMDB will improve incident management by providing accurate data to accelerate the incident resolution.

Take your work hat from ... and put your ITIL Manager in one!

Even though you will be tempted to take advantage of your own life experience ITIL conformant if it's not you can head down! Use real-life experiences to demonstrate knowledge of all this support what you have learned in class.

This is an ITIL ® examination
Use the ITIL terminology and phrases.

Time Management
Spend the amount of time on each part of an answer that is proportional to the sign availabile.

So what?
Do not leave your point of hesitation. Apply So What? Test before the examiner does not. Activate features / facts into profits generated from your suggestions. For example, the volume of incidents will fall leading to increased availability and customer satisfaction.

Bullets and White Space
A good white space, a large stretch of text without a break that is clearly not!
Use numbers or bullet points below the page, so you can return to fill in supporting the report that you remember them.

Plan your answer
A good plan, at least if you run out of time you can submit your plan and you may get some marks. Looking for clues in the words of the question and provide a framework for your answer. For example, if the request is a problem with applying the Problem Management process noting down the stairs and looking down the key issue for any features that would reduce benefits

Graph / Table
If asked, for example, for the Pros and Cons list them side by side. Any Pro can make you realize Con and vice versa.

Precisely in your interpretation of what is required. If asked to work, provide benefits, no problem. If the requested report or the job description does not list step-by-step process, making the format of the report if the report or list of responsibilities in job descriptions. These are some of our top tips on exams, we can provide more in your course and revision days.

What our students say ....

"... Both coaches ITIL is a good communicator Both coaches are very good .. To encourage and persuade, but never bullying. Proper balance between carrot and stick approach is handled in a professional in every way .. Thank you. Be sensitive to the concerns of delegations on Very exam. "

"Like I received thank you can you please forward it to Janet and others in the sysop for help in getting me through exams - the paper does not feel very well at that time became a very pleasant surprise and not a bad way to start my day might be stop smiling sometimes next week!. "

Have questions?
... Then just touch. Sysop team is always happy to help in addressing your training needs, aid exam or provide advice on any aspect of ITIL Service Management

[1]  James P Hall, http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=James_P_Hall

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Knowledge Management Database

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Knowledge Management Database Software
One important thing as a foundation of  knowledge management is Database, however many people did not know and familiar with database software. This article gives you an overview understanding on what and how database software that is essential for knowledge management work.

Learn about Database Software - the main way for you to manage large volumes of data.

If your organization is struggling with the need for storing the data, you need not look too far. Database Software provides an alternative for you to store, manage and retrieve data. Because data can be mission critical to your business, store and retrieve data from the database needs to be done effectively and easily.

What hosting mechanism Database Software?

    * Web-hosted Database Software - These databases are hosted on the internet. In this case, users do not have to worry about maintaining the database from the server itself. This database is hosted from the Internet but the central server is allocated by the company that has developed the database. Data will be stored and accessed from a central server.
    * Server Hosted Database Software - Data is stored, accessed and retrieved from your server. Typically, a database can be big because of the volume of data stored in it, it is important that your server has enough bandwidth for the database. Users use this type of database software in cases where they are not impressed with the security of the data offered by other forms of database software.
    * Hosted Desktop Database Software - This software is stored on a personal desktop. In most cases, this database is not large and did not have too many columns of data. People who want to use database software for personal use they preferred form Database Software.

Whether using a variety of database software?

Database Software can be applied in many domains such as - Sales, Recruiting, Marketing, Mailing Lists, Fund Raising, Shopping carts, Resume Management and more. This demonstrates the fact that the database software can be applied to cross-functional parts. What makes this possible is the technology that underlies the architecture of the Software Database.

How can you use Database Software?

Database software can be used from a desktop or laptop. In many cases, access the database software will require that you have high speed internet connection. Internet computing has taken a new dimension to the design and development Database Software PDA.

What are the advantages of using Database Software?

Database Software structure of your company's information in the database. Mechanism of structured data store will always allow faster access and retrieval of data for your use. Imagine, you have to find a piece of paper in a warehouse completely discarded. I guarantee you will experience not to do the same thing again.

Database Software, though not mandatory for an organization, always necessary for an efficient data storage, access and retrieval which will also address the needs of data security.

[1]  Scott Elliott, http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Scott_Elliott

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

knowledge management Online

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knowledge management Online Knowledge Management Tools knowledge management technologies
Knowledge Management in Critical Internet Threat Case"You should be able to find several indispensable facts about knowledge management in the following paragraphs. If there is at least one fact you did not know before, imagine the difference it can make.

Have you ever cheated or harassed in a major period?. Have you been targeted?. I can not believe this does not happen to you!. Now, let's take a closer look at the top of this fact and what it means sifting through a critical phase. We need to follow all kinds of threats emerge recent innovation in clean areas, to deal with them with awareness!!. Good knowledge in the background and management is one of the requirements with a very large in this case. The first thing you should not overlook is that it can happen anytime you do not expect!. Nor is there given!. In addition, specialists can significantly down into the trap. In the words one-click means to fight the strong into the trap someone.

One of the matrix of the net area is famous in this phishing! Places where people talk, ideas change, social sites and sites used to so called romance can be a serious target for the types of actions, it is a place where homeless people choose their victims!. In addition, many places that are targeted online bank or whatever office work implies cash or electronic cash flow delivery. I can say it's a real nugget for action is planned as possible. I want to find out what they have in their mind and I would intimate what will they do to get someone's attention and make a real future prospects. Believe it or not certain steps will work again and again. Like I'm an expert and I have a good knowledge base on the background of this case is not so religious act I will immediately calculate the measures in common use:

    * First I would try to interact with others!!. (This mode ensures continuous relationships and will develop the necessary trust between subjects) victims who may or ordinary surfers. Must have good conditions, or a good prospect. My work should be rewarded in any way consistently.
    * Second step is trying to replicate the formula of websites including design and all forms in all pages. I know that intelligent action but actually happened though doubting our credibility.
    * The final step is to more easily find their way to deal with newly created pages. This can be achieved by attracting surfers to click one of the links created with the hidden script. At that moment something unexpected will happen: You will be prompted to log in again Now all the things done, what will happen is very well known: the password is stolen, the increase in debt on your credit card and other

What I write in it only for the purpose of sharing knowledge. More information can be found in the resource section. But now you know a little how to take this information to you and your name more closely. Even if you do not know everything, you've done something worthwhile: you've expanded your knowledge.

Be careful and safe surfing

By Sorin Moldo, Article Source:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Knowledge Management Tips for Companies

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system knowledge management knowledge management database knowledge management online knowledge management products knowledge management technologies  knowledge management portal knowledge base software knowledge management best practicesknowledge management companies
While Knowledge Management as an idea has been around for a long time, the general philosophy of what Knowledge Management is still rather vague. It really depends on the size and culture of your organization and what you're trying to accomplish. To help those new to the area Knowledge Management, please find below our Top 10 Tips.

   1. Review and then review some more information: Please refer to both the market and learn about Knowledge Management, it's really different meanings for different people. And not just for large Enterprise customers.
   2. KISS, Keep it simple stupid: You may find that you must sell the idea to the staff or management of Knowledge Management. Show them the benefits with concrete examples, show them how it will grow and contribute to your business.
   3. Be practical: Start playing with the Knowledge Management System, if one looks like it might suit your needs, ask for an evaluation copy and start playing with it in their own environment.
   4. Open and share with your business: Knowledge Management system when used correctly can be very profitable for businesses and individuals in business. Unfortunately, the changes are not always welcome. So your success is open, sharing, and people naturally will be attracted to this project.
   5. Improve something or improve our services: For example, the sales department is also known for not always win share customer information. Show how Knowledge Management can deliver this and what benefits might be.
   6. Identifying the problem of knowledge is now: Somewhere in your business there will be areas where knowledge is not shared effectively as they should. Think outside the box, if you lose information when staff leave? Do you always send the same datasheet for different customers? Are you taking advantage of your Extranet or empower your partner?
   7. Go for the win early: Plan Your Knowledge Management projects such as an arch politician. Work where you can get a win early and how to create the most spin as a result. The better the project looks, the more likely you are going to launch similar projects.
   8. Do not fly without wings: Do not be tempted to big changes soon. Knowledge Management is as much about cultural change and it has to do with technology, start small and go from there. If you can find a champion of inspiration to support your project will also help in the long term.
   9. Understanding the process: this applies to technology projects that most, but more to do with Knowledge Management. It is important that you recognize the people and processes, you'll only be able to introduce appropriate technology.
  10. Do not forget the corporate culture: Knowledge Management is all about sharing, so you might need to consider how to encourage communities to adopt a culture of sharing. For most people this is a big change, so this build to roll your plan.

By Charlotte Alice, Article Source:

Monday, September 6, 2010

itil service

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ITIL Service Management ITIL  ITIL Service ITIL Service Design
This article gives you an idea how to design ITIL Service.

The main purpose of the Service Design phase of the cycle of life is to design new services or modified for introduction into the environment. It is important that a holistic approach to all aspects of the design was adopted, and that when change or amend one individual design elements of all other aspects are considered.

So when designing and developing new applications, this should not be done in isolation, but must also consider the impact on overall service, management systems and tools (such as Service Portfolio and Catalog), architecture, technology, the Service Management processes and the necessary measurement and metrics. This will ensure not only that the functional elements that are handled by design, but also that all management and operational requirements is intended as an important part in the design and not added as an afterthought.

Note: Services applicable to design new services and changed but for the sake of simplicity in the rest of this manual we will refer only to "new services".

The main purpose and objectives of Service Design is to:

Design services to meet business objectives, based on quality, compliance, risk and safety requirements, provide more effective and efficient IT and business solutions and services according to business needs by coordinating all design activities for IT services to ensure consistency

Design services that can be easily and efficiently developed and improved in an appropriate timeframe and cost and, where possible, reduce, minimize or limit the cost of service provision long√Ęterm.

Design an efficient and effective process for the design, transition, operation and improvement of high quality IT services, together with supporting tools, and information systems, to manage the service through their life cycle.

Identify and manage risk so they can be removed or reduced prior to broadcast services.

Design secure and resilient IT infrastructure, environment, applications and data sources of information / and capabilities that meet the needs of current and future business and customer design measurement methods and metrics to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the design process and their submission.

Produce and maintain the IT plans, processes, policies, architecture, framework and document design for quality IT solutions, to meet the needs of current and future agreed business.

Assist in the development of policies and standards in all areas of design and planning of IT services and processes, receives and acts on feedback on the design process from all other areas and combine actions into a process of continuous improvement.

Develop skills and capabilities in IT by moving the design of strategies and activities into operational tasks, effectively and efficiently utilize all IT resources services

Contribute to improving the overall quality of IT services in
imposed design constraints, mainly by reducing the need for reworking and
improve services after they have been implemented in the environment

By James P Hall, Article Source:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ITIL Service Management

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ITIL Service Management ITIL Business Service Management IT Service Management ITILIT Service Management IT Service
Since the arrival of Henry Ford's Model T assembly line and the creation of complex organizational design has been focused on the messy complex process into individual tasks that manifests as a result of the organizational chart based on the pipe where the right hand has a little left-hand knowledge about what to do.

As a technically focused IT shops make the transition into a service organization, it is important to rejoin what has been artificially separated. Every time an organization defines the IT services, two new virtual organizational structure was established on a horizontal silo-based traditional domain. The end result of these two new virtual organization that led to the formation of a matrix in a matrix organization, the staff now have multiple lines of accountability and constantly faced with the need to prioritize their time.

ITIL Service Management is a discipline for managing information technology systems. Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a process-oriented approach to IT Service Management. Successful IT organizations have turned to ITIL service management to guide them through the planning, design, development, delivery, support services and moreover they were focusing on the customer.

In a very stupid thing, ITIL is the Bible for managing information technology. This is basically a documentation that describes best practices for IT service management. One can easily find a series of books, covering various topics of IT management and help all the IT infrastructure, development and operational nuances.

Benefits and ITIL training ITIL thus quite straight forward. Even biggies like Microsoft, Dell, IBM and ITIL Barclays Bank has been entrusted with the management of their IT infrastructure and procedures, there must be something the concept that demands attention. Working on aspects of ITIL IT service management and work on the performance of IT-wing organizations. Taking a look at the current operational situation, the harmony of the wing does not need explanation efficient IT. In fact, organizations can only dream of progress regardless of the size of business, if you choose to have a solid IT mechanism to return it.

ITIL service management training and rely heavily on a scheme that depends on workers. To provide ITIL service management training and education at every level is needed, one desires a change of culture. Positives of ITIL service management training can not be more into the experience if someone does not have a clear understanding about the framework that is communicated to everyone involved. For this overall approach is needed.

By Sanjana Sharma, Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sanjana_Sharma