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Monday, January 3, 2011

Knowledge Intensive Collaboration Online In Business 2.0

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Knowledge Intensive Collaboration OnlineThe business world is similar to the gadget world. As soon as new gadget appears, all previous become outdated. The only things to be sure about - there is no assurance scheme. There is no silver bullet that makes business run 37% more effective.

Same about project management. Combining processes, people and technology is an art, not craft. But there is one phase of the subject. management possibilities Those who failed once because of lack of communication, is now open. It is no more an issue but trouble.

Let us look at what's called future business. What are its features. How to succeed in the world of constant speed-ups. In a world where market transparency and complexity continues to grow.

Members «2.0 2008 Enterprise» conference said this way of Business 2.0 features:

1. Flat organization: the existing minimum layer between management and worker-top general
2. Ease of flow organization
3. Agility: minimum bureaucracy
4. Flexibility: how fast your company adapt to external changes
5. User-driven technology
6. Bottom up: The control and information flows are often derived from any layer
7. Distributed: The distributed both geographically and in time. Teams are global.
8. Fuzzy boundaries, open borders: there is no specific department within the company
9. Transparency: the state of your company is always visible from the outside
10. System information that appears, and not forced from the top-management
11. Folksonomies replace taxonomies. There is no point in making people think you are doing the same.
12. Simple. Nothing to add here.
13. Open: The best description given by Jonathan Nolen, hope this helps
14. Works on demand: for each new request, the company created a new solution. I recommend to check out an interesting article about business-on-demand.
15. Short time to-market cycles

Looks real simplicity of the new organization is based on the complexity of people and technology. When 'man' said I mean, the new business is only possible when those characteristics are very high. Responsibility, creativity, communication skills, inner mobility. People are becoming more demanding of themselves and the business creates new people. Technological aspects of new business is: all the innovation made possible by new communication and knowledge management techniques.

But this is still not difficult. The difficulty lies in combining people and technology growth. He came that ideally technology should be one step ahead of people. Technology as a way to send the achievement of more advanced for the other participants. It's like two end points the same spring. In such a way as to develop business systems.

OK, what we have in the market system of intellectual

1. Complete automation of project management tasks
2. Empower managers' flexibility in building teams and processes
3. Create an environment to share knowledge within a team

Let me note that these three things are connected with each other and support each other. There are systems that each solve the problem completely. But only one. Company Wiki to store and share knowledge, methodologies and standards development management, ERP and «professional» project management tools like Microsoft Project. GTD programs are good for short-term teams that come together for one project (management communication system look like it was some GTD for the team, yes).

The balance between the complexity of all these three tasks and usability is a challenge for many software companies: Salesforce, Basecamp, Zoho.

You can review the comparison of well-known system, I do not want to stop at this problem now.

Balanced solution that covers all the needs of 'business 2.0' still does not exist. So many companies are now trying to build their own technical foundation for growth.

We at NewtonIdeas not satisfied with the current system provides for the possibility. So we kept seeing on-edge developments in this field, and consider our 8 years experience in IT and business. And build our own, where we put the principles of Enterprise 2.0 in the way we understand it.


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