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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Information Sharing Initiatives:Discussion Groups and Online Communities

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Information SharingBusiness industry today is very competitive compared with the past. It is clear that to maintain this competition, people must be aware and updated. One of the easiest and proper way to keep updated is "Sharing Knowledge" or "Share Information". The use of groups and online communities is probably the best alternative of all.

Group A is not another medium through which people can connect on the web and communicate to share information. Here, people discuss about common interests and seek appropriate solutions. There are many providers of free services available to the user group. Most popular are:

o Google Groups

o Yahoo Groups

o MSN Groups

o AOL Groups

These days users have started a trend that uses the group as a means of free advertising. If you use the right way, the group can create heavy traffic relevant to your website. Moreover, these groups are easy to join and we can easily sustain one's profile.

Once you are registered in certain groups, the next step is to find the right category to post. Once you've found it, just add your new post in the form of an email. When posting a topic, the following points should be noted:

o Do not overexpose your organization's profile. It should be like that you are just talking about your company.

o Always be precise in everything you post. Remember that the higher post content, visitors to the higher will refuse to read it.

o Target the right audience to get relevant traffic.

o Frequently update your profile and posts.

Online communities are also used for the same purpose as a group. They are also a good choice for sharing knowledge. Posting process remains the same in terms of online communities. One of the major benefits of groups and online communities is that if for example you find that you join the group or community that is not relevant, then you can easily stop in a few minutes. This is what groups and online communities can do to users. Use them and share information on how to best!

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