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Saturday, October 9, 2010

knowledge management wikipedia

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 knowledge management wikipediaOne of effective Knowledge Management tools is Wikipedia.This article reveals the thing behind wikipedia.

Some time ago, the task of writing comes in my travels. It's about providing small biographies of some 1000-odd personality. The place to find information, assigner told me, is Simple respectable. The work requires me to refer Simple day after day, and I'm amazed more than ever by the wealth of resources it offers.

Before this, I have the occasional peek at it, but they were just skimming the surface. The more I am now digging into the Simple, the more I became convinced that there is no other resource quite like it, can not be everywhere, even in the Encyclopedia Britannica. When my child's school asks him to do the work of the project with the help of Wikipedia, I know for sure that is where the numero-uno for serious information seekers. No wonder then that it was the 17th most visited site globally.

What is so alluring about Wikipedia? This does not need me to say, because I'm sure my readers will have a fairly good knowledge about it. Instead, I will focus on some lesser-known aspects that, taken together, eloquently speaks volumes about it.

Wikipedia has nearly one million articles in English alone, the amount represents only about a third of the total content. This serves at least 48 languages, each of which has no less than 10,000 articles.

Wikipedia depends on several 2000-3000 strong core community that has taken on itself to voluntarily maintain and improve it. This they do most of the addition of new content in English as well as corrections and modifications of existing materials needed.

Although certainly an open source effort, Wikipedia did not get revenue from ad networks. Does not display any ads on the page, which is remarkable, because if not, do not need to depend on voluntary contributions, which are usually about $ 50 to $ 100 per person.

Wikipedia is a modest budget compared to the volume of the serve and the services offered. His 2005 budget is $ 750,000 and this year is likely to be $ 1.5 million, a jump of 100% clean. But that was without a doubt necessary because you want to look for ways to improve the quality of content that is better than Britannica, and of course add more content and more fresh. In addition, there may be other revenue-producing plan. For example, digging an article about a request from the repository for sale in print or DVD / CD.

Factor one is really worth watching is how it stands on the issues. This is where neutrality comes from the push and pull of the members of the public. So this is the Iraq War or World War II famous disaster, Wikipedia has them all without any scope for avoiding the truth. Only this quality create the most unique things can be imagined and treasures from hunter information (or, should I say a seeker of truth) in the entire world.

Now, if you think Wikipedia has to a large organization, you are mistaken. For all that offers, apart from Jim Wales, founder, Wikipedia has more only 4 full-time staff in these coils, a CEO, manager and two programmers, one in the U.S., the other in Australia. Quite a feat for a site to take close to 48,000 visitors every day, do not you think?

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