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Friday, September 24, 2010

tips for ITIL certification

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tips for ITIL certification certificate
Are you planning for getting ITIL Certification?
It is not easy to get ITIL Certificate, this article gives you some valuable tips how to be successfully get ITIL Certification.

Well, we will give you many hints and tips on revision days associated with ITIL training course, but they benefit from repetition:

You will hear this said a million times (well maybe not much, but you get the idea?

Read Tanya Flippin '.

The answer Flippin 'Question: Answer the question asked, not that you prepare your answer, which was not requested. Although difficult to hear you will not get a question that asks you to write down everything you know about management issues!

Ronseal is the answer .... You know, do exactly what it says on the tin!

Do not forget Case Studies
Most of the questions in the exam ITIL manager associated with the study cse. If the answer is related to Case Study, remember to call it. Coroner wants to know whether you can apply your knowledge management services for a particular situation.

Focus and breadth
While the points are a quick and efficient method of valuation halfpoints, for the overall points score usually requires you to make a statement to support the benefits of each bullet.

Examiners are not stupid ... but think of them!
Putting etc at the end of the list can not convince the examiner to provide a further sign.
To get full value, make sure that you clearly link the justification to the points you make.
For example, A CMDB will improve incident management by providing accurate data to accelerate the incident resolution.

Take your work hat from ... and put your ITIL Manager in one!

Even though you will be tempted to take advantage of your own life experience ITIL conformant if it's not you can head down! Use real-life experiences to demonstrate knowledge of all this support what you have learned in class.

This is an ITIL ® examination
Use the ITIL terminology and phrases.

Time Management
Spend the amount of time on each part of an answer that is proportional to the sign availabile.

So what?
Do not leave your point of hesitation. Apply So What? Test before the examiner does not. Activate features / facts into profits generated from your suggestions. For example, the volume of incidents will fall leading to increased availability and customer satisfaction.

Bullets and White Space
A good white space, a large stretch of text without a break that is clearly not!
Use numbers or bullet points below the page, so you can return to fill in supporting the report that you remember them.

Plan your answer
A good plan, at least if you run out of time you can submit your plan and you may get some marks. Looking for clues in the words of the question and provide a framework for your answer. For example, if the request is a problem with applying the Problem Management process noting down the stairs and looking down the key issue for any features that would reduce benefits

Graph / Table
If asked, for example, for the Pros and Cons list them side by side. Any Pro can make you realize Con and vice versa.

Precisely in your interpretation of what is required. If asked to work, provide benefits, no problem. If the requested report or the job description does not list step-by-step process, making the format of the report if the report or list of responsibilities in job descriptions. These are some of our top tips on exams, we can provide more in your course and revision days.

What our students say ....

"... Both coaches ITIL is a good communicator Both coaches are very good .. To encourage and persuade, but never bullying. Proper balance between carrot and stick approach is handled in a professional in every way .. Thank you. Be sensitive to the concerns of delegations on Very exam. "

"Like I received thank you can you please forward it to Janet and others in the sysop for help in getting me through exams - the paper does not feel very well at that time became a very pleasant surprise and not a bad way to start my day might be stop smiling sometimes next week!. "

Have questions?
... Then just touch. Sysop team is always happy to help in addressing your training needs, aid exam or provide advice on any aspect of ITIL Service Management

[1]  James P Hall, http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=James_P_Hall

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