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Friday, September 10, 2010

Knowledge Management Tips for Companies

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While Knowledge Management as an idea has been around for a long time, the general philosophy of what Knowledge Management is still rather vague. It really depends on the size and culture of your organization and what you're trying to accomplish. To help those new to the area Knowledge Management, please find below our Top 10 Tips.

   1. Review and then review some more information: Please refer to both the market and learn about Knowledge Management, it's really different meanings for different people. And not just for large Enterprise customers.
   2. KISS, Keep it simple stupid: You may find that you must sell the idea to the staff or management of Knowledge Management. Show them the benefits with concrete examples, show them how it will grow and contribute to your business.
   3. Be practical: Start playing with the Knowledge Management System, if one looks like it might suit your needs, ask for an evaluation copy and start playing with it in their own environment.
   4. Open and share with your business: Knowledge Management system when used correctly can be very profitable for businesses and individuals in business. Unfortunately, the changes are not always welcome. So your success is open, sharing, and people naturally will be attracted to this project.
   5. Improve something or improve our services: For example, the sales department is also known for not always win share customer information. Show how Knowledge Management can deliver this and what benefits might be.
   6. Identifying the problem of knowledge is now: Somewhere in your business there will be areas where knowledge is not shared effectively as they should. Think outside the box, if you lose information when staff leave? Do you always send the same datasheet for different customers? Are you taking advantage of your Extranet or empower your partner?
   7. Go for the win early: Plan Your Knowledge Management projects such as an arch politician. Work where you can get a win early and how to create the most spin as a result. The better the project looks, the more likely you are going to launch similar projects.
   8. Do not fly without wings: Do not be tempted to big changes soon. Knowledge Management is as much about cultural change and it has to do with technology, start small and go from there. If you can find a champion of inspiration to support your project will also help in the long term.
   9. Understanding the process: this applies to technology projects that most, but more to do with Knowledge Management. It is important that you recognize the people and processes, you'll only be able to introduce appropriate technology.
  10. Do not forget the corporate culture: Knowledge Management is all about sharing, so you might need to consider how to encourage communities to adopt a culture of sharing. For most people this is a big change, so this build to roll your plan.

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