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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Knowledge Management in Critical Internet Threat Case"You should be able to find several indispensable facts about knowledge management in the following paragraphs. If there is at least one fact you did not know before, imagine the difference it can make.

Have you ever cheated or harassed in a major period?. Have you been targeted?. I can not believe this does not happen to you!. Now, let's take a closer look at the top of this fact and what it means sifting through a critical phase. We need to follow all kinds of threats emerge recent innovation in clean areas, to deal with them with awareness!!. Good knowledge in the background and management is one of the requirements with a very large in this case. The first thing you should not overlook is that it can happen anytime you do not expect!. Nor is there given!. In addition, specialists can significantly down into the trap. In the words one-click means to fight the strong into the trap someone.

One of the matrix of the net area is famous in this phishing! Places where people talk, ideas change, social sites and sites used to so called romance can be a serious target for the types of actions, it is a place where homeless people choose their victims!. In addition, many places that are targeted online bank or whatever office work implies cash or electronic cash flow delivery. I can say it's a real nugget for action is planned as possible. I want to find out what they have in their mind and I would intimate what will they do to get someone's attention and make a real future prospects. Believe it or not certain steps will work again and again. Like I'm an expert and I have a good knowledge base on the background of this case is not so religious act I will immediately calculate the measures in common use:

    * First I would try to interact with others!!. (This mode ensures continuous relationships and will develop the necessary trust between subjects) victims who may or ordinary surfers. Must have good conditions, or a good prospect. My work should be rewarded in any way consistently.
    * Second step is trying to replicate the formula of websites including design and all forms in all pages. I know that intelligent action but actually happened though doubting our credibility.
    * The final step is to more easily find their way to deal with newly created pages. This can be achieved by attracting surfers to click one of the links created with the hidden script. At that moment something unexpected will happen: You will be prompted to log in again Now all the things done, what will happen is very well known: the password is stolen, the increase in debt on your credit card and other

What I write in it only for the purpose of sharing knowledge. More information can be found in the resource section. But now you know a little how to take this information to you and your name more closely. Even if you do not know everything, you've done something worthwhile: you've expanded your knowledge.

Be careful and safe surfing

By Sorin Moldo, Article Source:

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