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Monday, September 6, 2010

itil service

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ITIL Service Management ITIL  ITIL Service ITIL Service Design
This article gives you an idea how to design ITIL Service.

The main purpose of the Service Design phase of the cycle of life is to design new services or modified for introduction into the environment. It is important that a holistic approach to all aspects of the design was adopted, and that when change or amend one individual design elements of all other aspects are considered.

So when designing and developing new applications, this should not be done in isolation, but must also consider the impact on overall service, management systems and tools (such as Service Portfolio and Catalog), architecture, technology, the Service Management processes and the necessary measurement and metrics. This will ensure not only that the functional elements that are handled by design, but also that all management and operational requirements is intended as an important part in the design and not added as an afterthought.

Note: Services applicable to design new services and changed but for the sake of simplicity in the rest of this manual we will refer only to "new services".

The main purpose and objectives of Service Design is to:

Design services to meet business objectives, based on quality, compliance, risk and safety requirements, provide more effective and efficient IT and business solutions and services according to business needs by coordinating all design activities for IT services to ensure consistency

Design services that can be easily and efficiently developed and improved in an appropriate timeframe and cost and, where possible, reduce, minimize or limit the cost of service provision long√Ęterm.

Design an efficient and effective process for the design, transition, operation and improvement of high quality IT services, together with supporting tools, and information systems, to manage the service through their life cycle.

Identify and manage risk so they can be removed or reduced prior to broadcast services.

Design secure and resilient IT infrastructure, environment, applications and data sources of information / and capabilities that meet the needs of current and future business and customer design measurement methods and metrics to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the design process and their submission.

Produce and maintain the IT plans, processes, policies, architecture, framework and document design for quality IT solutions, to meet the needs of current and future agreed business.

Assist in the development of policies and standards in all areas of design and planning of IT services and processes, receives and acts on feedback on the design process from all other areas and combine actions into a process of continuous improvement.

Develop skills and capabilities in IT by moving the design of strategies and activities into operational tasks, effectively and efficiently utilize all IT resources services

Contribute to improving the overall quality of IT services in
imposed design constraints, mainly by reducing the need for reworking and
improve services after they have been implemented in the environment

By James P Hall, Article Source:

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