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Monday, August 2, 2010

organization management

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organization management
Just a moment, let's talk about your business: Are you Maintaining Maintaining Management & Organization?

We all tend to get quite excited to start promoting, especially when we run the chance "perfect" hyped-up business, but it is very important to have a strong business base in which to promote, FIRST! This means maintaining the management and organization!

Here are some key tips that I learned from @ officequeen who helped me out:

We need three basic systems management & organization:

* File system management
* Financial Management System
* Contact management system

Starting with a file management system you can use file cabinets, drawers, shelves and storage bins for paper files. Be sure to keep things the way that is not necessary, but maintain this system after you make it so that the things that DO NEED easily accessible at all times.

Now, that's not all, you also have your computer files and emails that are part of this system. As you will learn more about the time you read this, there is a tool commonly known in that will happen "perfecto" to create and maintain the organization and management of both Contacts and Email.

(NOTE: You will want to keep all the systems along the same lines. Ie If you use categories and subcategories for your paper filing system so you need to do the same thing for computer filing system, and so forth.)

Furthermore, we are talking about your financial management system: We recommend getting the books binders. Create four tabs:

One. Accounts Payable
2. Accounts Receivable
3. Paid Account
4. Accounts Received

This will help you easily track what's going in and out, what needs still to be paid and what your clients owe you!. You must be able to utilize the power of a spreadsheet as well. This is very useful next to this one too: ~ Email ~ & CONTACT

Outlook or Outlook Express: This is the perfect program to keep Email & Contacts. Keep it all in one place. You'll find it easier in the long term! Competing with the "data recording", and at the end of each day ask yourself this question: "Who do I have to follow-up with or call you tomorrow?"

Cool tip others to go through your contacts on a monthly basis and related base with everyone that you are not in contact for a while. Keep the "self" of fresh in their minds! The schedule seems to be difficult to stick to, but some things that need to be scheduled. Stick thing for a week "week" and the file is on schedule; set aside at least 20 minutes. at the end of each week to go through, manage and maintain your filing system - Make it a priority.

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