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Sunday, July 11, 2010

open source cms

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open source cms
Open source CMS is an open source content management system. This makes it possible for businesses and web sites to easily monitor, store, and publish various types of some content. Type of content that are generally managed include web content, electronic documents, audio files, computer files, and media images. Because there are two different types to use open source CMS, inter-office and web-based, it is important to understand how content management really works, to be able to apply the software for your own needs.

Traditional content management system allows for inter-office communication and smooth operation. The entire system is built to withstand hundreds of contributors, and allow it to be used interactively. This allows for file sharing, approval, and publication of content. However, in today's world, most people use the Open Source CMS for web-based content management.

Using the CMS for web-based content is ideal for large websites that require absolute control over their content. Content is used for web-based CMS including brochures, guides, manuals, and articles. Each different CMS software, but you may find many features in the software. For example, you may have the ability to identify users of the system, and the role they play in managing content.

You may be able to specify the type of content as well as the category, and then assign the responsibilities and roles to different users. A CMS software programs can come with a warning that allows one of the main users of the system to be notified if there are changes in the content of any type. Formatting is generally available as well, which allows you to define layout, font size, font type, and color all the way around.

There are several types of Content Management System. Some of the most popular including Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, and WordPress.


Joomla quickly and easily become one of the most popular systems and powerful web content management for various reasons. Not just because it is easy to use and requires little or no programming knowledge, but it comes with additional features that have made extraordinary by users like you.

Therefore, not only can you can easily manage content such as articles, images, documents, and so forth, but you can also take advantage of the builder forms, calendars, blogs, subscriptions, advertising, newsletters, forums, forms, and even shopping This cart with a simple and very easy to use content management system.


Drupal CMS is one of the more popular programs software. This gives you or your user community an easy way to organize, manage, and publish your content. The great thing about this program is that because open source software and widely available, is constantly reviewed and new developments occur regularly in order to improve public satisfaction.

You can also get yourself a comprehensive manual for using Drupal, which make the learning process much easier. Drupal is one of the most flexible of all CMS software program, allows you to tailor programs to fit your specific needs.


As one of the more popular open source CMS software programs, Mambo is for everyone. Those who want their own simple, personal website, Mambo match. Then again, for those who need an application to the business world, Mambo possible answers as well. It contains many features that users actually enjoy.

This document manager features, customized layout, optimization, accessibility, and can even be configured as an e-commerce solutions. Mambo even equipped with multi-language features as well.

As you can see there are some open source CMS software programs are available for your use. It is important to carefully analyze each program and determine which suits your needs best. Most everything listed here can be used for complex web site or a simple website and include easy to use the same features for publishing, managing, and organizing your content.