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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

learning organization

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learning organization what is learning organization how to develop learning organization
This very interesting article answering your question: How to develop learning organization?

Before we discuss how to develop a learning organization, let us see what it is and why we need to develop such an organization.

What is organizational learning?

Organizational learning both in adapting to the external environment. They continue to improve their existing skills and gain new capabilities before its too late. Individuals within the organization and the organization itself to study all the time. Such organizations condemned the use of what is learned and achieve better results.

Why do they need to develop a learning organization?

We know that a very rapidly changing external environment. Even successful organizations buckled and collapsed times when dealing with rapid changes in markets and technology. This is no longer enough to have smart people and talented little for sustainable success. Learning organizations are not only ideal anymore, it is the goal to be achieved.

Develop a learning organization that

Many training programs can not achieve the best learning organizations, they will give you special skills. To develop organizational learning, culture of learning and teaching is a prerequisite. external trainers can give their knowledge and skills, but they must be assimilated and disseminated. Teaching new skills or knowledge to others is the best way to keep learning.

Second, learn new skills must be prosecuted and arrested for reuse in the future. This requires a process-oriented culture as the structure of the department or functional silos. Department or functional silos tend to fragment and the key learning in a way that is not accessible. Cultural process of ensuring that there is an efficient and controlled the interface between individuals for interaction and learning. A culture process also makes it easier for newcomers to learn the current practices and the effects of changes based on what knowledge about the value they bring.

Third, there must be clearly articulated and practiced set of values. Values are guaranteed to students to try new things and inculcate. Values also provide a useful framework and tests to learn and incorporate new things.

Fourth, people and their organizations must be willing to face reality and pay attention to all kinds of signals. This requires openness and courage forth a set of values that must be integral to the organization.

Fifth, the organization should celebrate and promote the idea generation. Giving ideas that excitement and energy needed to learn and teach.

All of the above is basically the function of leadership. A great leader to develop more leaders and building a learning organization. In order to build a learning organization, leadership development process that starts the sound at the top of the organization-in board and CEO level - is very important.

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