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Thursday, July 8, 2010

document management system

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document management system
This article gives you an overview on:What is document management system ?

The document is part of office life and management of the document itself can be a tedious job. Usually when people think about the document management system, the first impression that comes to mind first is the office without any documents. However, the document management system does not promise to make your office paper free. Instead they manage documents in a certain way which makes documents easily accessible, according to personal comfort. This information is stored in the desired form of media and, therefore, refrain from throwing the extra time and space. Computers are obviously selected device when using the document management system.

document management system software is widely available throughout the world. Some terms to know with which to deal directly with document management systems are as follows:

Electronic document capture: Scanning, conversion of images and text recognition to come into this category. Paper media here, just changed to a copy of the software. With this method, both accessibility and cost effectiveness of a document is increased dramatically. This also works when distributing the document as a soft copy can be sent to people quickly and also economical.

Optical character recognition: Optical character recognition is actively understand the characters printed on physical media such as on plain paper.

Electronic document management system: this is very effective for large collections of electronic documents are created. Electronic document management system that will assist in finding and displaying correctly any necessary documents. This can also be used to maintain a summary of the document and also different versions of source documents.

Electronic records management system: There are some concerns where there is a specific need for records should be managed in a very ordered. Examples include pay for bread and patient report. This system effectively manages documents by making it very easy to access.

Web content management: This system specifically to manage the website regularly. There are several Web documents that need to be stored and published on any website and requiring a permit. these needs is maintained by the system.

Workflow management: necessary documents need to be stored within reach of the person concerned at any time. It is managed by Work flow system which is a very effective tool for managing documents.

Knowledge Management: the relevant information needs to be communicated to that person easily. This is very important to companies who want to bridge any communication gap that exists. FAQ is a good example of knowledge management.

These are different terms and features that shape the document management system. Depending on this explanation, it can choose one of the management systems that address individual business requirements best. You can then find and implement a document management system is selected in your business to ensure maximum productivity.

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