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Thursday, June 24, 2010

organizational knowledge

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organizational knowledge

It is often said that an organization’s most valuable assets are the people it employs. The ideas, experiences, expertise and knowledge contained in the mind of an individual may be worth more to an organization than can be quantified with respect to how that knowledge is applied each day to save time, reduce costs, and advance the organization’s initiatives.

How can an organization capitalize on individual knowledge?
How do individuals contribute to subunits or groups within the organization to build and perpetuate group knowledge?
How does individual and group knowledge become organizational knowledge that can be captured, reused, and applied to achieve measurable positive effects for the organization?
When might extra-organizational knowledge be used to further increase or enhance the capabilities of an organization?

This paper explores these questions, first by defining each knowledge type, then by examining how knowledge moves through an organization and becomes valuable organizational intellectual capital.

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