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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Business Intelligence Knowledge Management

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Business Intelligence Knowledge Management
To be effective, executives, operations managers and project managers need a solution that highlights project and organizational performance, exposes key trends, and enables them to investigate problem areas. BST Enterprise delivers prioritized and urgent project, resource and financial information through Performance Portals, Analytics Solutions and Integrated Business Processing.

BST Enterprise Performance Portals provide management teams with performance scorecards and the ability to execute analysis around performance results. Sitting in front of a comprehensive Information Warehouse, the portals provide access to all of an organization's vital information, whether sourced from BST Enterprise or other applications.

BST Enterprise rests on the Microsoft Analysis Services platform and takes full advantage of its power. It provides analytics solutions aimed at the unique requirements of financial and project supporting staff as well as marketing and business development managers who need to analyze historical performance in support of new opportunities.

From within performance scorecards or analytics content – often in response to an alert condition – executing a business process or accessing an application screen is just a click away.


  • Drive high performance through performance scorecards and status and trend indicators
  • Inform management of problems before they happen through a system of alerts and exceptions
  • Give users the ability to do ad hoc analysis according to their role and authorization
  • Achieve transparency and enable action


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