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Friday, June 18, 2010

Benefits of Lotus Notes

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Lotus Notes
Many users of Microsoft Outlook applications are encouraged to switch to IBM Lotus Notes e-mail because many benefits associated with the Notes. Some of the benefits, which invites the public to change the client emails from MS Outlook to Lotus Notes, is as follows:
  • Possible Replication in Lotus Notes: Lotus Notes helps you to keep multiple copies of a single database. It's a lot of copies is called "Replicas" on multiple servers or workstations. This will help you to access certain information on different networks in different locations. A major advantage of this replication is that users in one office can make changes in their server a few replicas. And, at the same time, users in some other office can also make changes to the replica from the same database on their servers.
  • Lotus Notes provides the facility to work offline: For example, you can duplicate copy of your Notes mail database of your laptop before leaving office. Now, you can work offline and when you return to the office, you can imitate a back to back on the server.
  • Sharing of documents: Lotus Notes allows people to work on a document, review, and make that comment.
  • Easily directed workflow: Lotus Notes allows you to adjust the route according to the requirements of your job. For example, you fill out the Purchase Order. Once submitted automatically be sent to your Business Manager. He can digitally sign it and send it to Purchasing. They can automatically update the records, and fax the form to the vendor.
  • Easy customization: Lotus Notes is adjusted. You can easily customize your email arrives rules, shipping rules, profiles etc.
  • Document inherits the values of other documents: For example, you can inherit information from original documents when responding to a post on the newsgroup. You can view information, such as when the original document was posted, who posted it, subject headings, and so forth.
  • Modification Log: Lotus Notes to maintain logs to document such modifications are changed and when.
  • Graphics, video, sound: Notes documents (including email) can have graphics, video, and voice along with plain text.
  • Web Publishing: Now, almost all the benefits of Lotus Notes are made available for the Web. This means, you can now access or edit information from Notes databases on the Web as well. Notes databases are automatically converted to HTML.
  • Security: Lotus Notes provides a higher level of security of your information than with Outlook.

  1. The User password can not be modified by the Notes administrator.
  2. The entire database can be encrypted to prevent the user from getting a copy.
  3. Database security level can be built for different users. certain areas of a particular shape can be encrypted so that only those who have a key that could see it. One form may have several fields encrypted with different keys.
  4. Documents can include digital signatures.
  5. Can be prevented from sensitive information submitted by the recipient to others.
All the advantages of using Lotus Notes as email client that encourages users to switch from Outlook to notes. Many Outlook users, who decided to move it, feel the need to transfer them to Outlook PST Data Notes NSF format. Using third party software to convert Outlook Note item is one of the most viable option. There are many tools available around the Item Transfer Outlook to Notes. One such tool SysTools Outlook to Notes software. This is a software solution is simple and intuitive to transfer the PST to Notes. This is one of the most reliable PST to Notes software to convert PST Note item easily, quickly and cost-effective.


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