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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spreading Best Practices

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Spreading Best Practices - Are You Paying For The Same Expertise Twice?

Spreading Best Practices

When you try to spread best practices throughout your organization, you may realize that you need assistance in the practices to communicate effectively. Wise managers understand that best practice sharing in a way that truly affect employee performance requires highly specialized skills.

Unfortunately, once they start looking for external assistance, the same wise manager can be a little forgetful. They forget that they identify a problem is the lack of expertise, communication skills and writing. And they began to focus almost exclusively on finding someone who already has a detailed knowledge of their industries, methods and processes, or their products and services.

Why pay for the same skill twice?

Remember, you start by identifying gaps in capabilities, resistance to spread best practices among your team. gaps in the skills to get the whole message, not in the knowledge that comes into the message.

You can easily waste a lot of money by hiring someone who knows everything you know, without writing and communication skills you actually want.

It's easy to see how this happens. Produce the quantity of content with a clear, readable and understandable, with a noticeable impact on employee behavior. . . well, it is something you might find very challenging, even stressful. You prefer to focus on other activities you are more comfortable, more confident.

Then you find that some business writers bring a slightly different perspective on your topic, try to "translate" your content more digestible form for those not familiar with the product, service or procedure. You find it easier to talk with the sharper writers interested in the facts, specifications, and details of your topic rather than at the end of the writing.

However, two experts do not require translation "" to talk to one another. You feel more at home deal with someone who already speak your language fluently.

What makes your project more comfortable meeting. But how does that help you influence your real audience: people who do not already speak your language? How else to help the knowledge you already have to help you connect to the employee, be careful not realize, uncertain, prospects, or customers?

You really need someone who thinks a little differently, which focused on the communication method is not precise specification. author offers a good business that the "translation" capability, that other perspectives of awareness and skills to change what you say to others what you need to hear to understand and follow you.

Of course, it helps if they have some familiarity with your industry. But given the choice between communication skills and detailed technical knowledge, go for the skill.

You already pay for knowledge at least once, through your employees, product developers, consultants, procedural, and other experts. Pay twice will not add any impact to your message, and you'll probably find that you have been short-changing your skills are most needed. Hire help to complement, not duplicate, the ability of your team.

Get help that really contribute to your success, and not just for your comfort level!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Will_Kenny

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