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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Knowledge Development

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The Law of Consistent Knowledge Development - Why Development Oriented Cultures Keep Developing

New generation is born every day, and the world that they received as it has been engaged in further development. Generation born in the eighties did not have the advantages the computer revolution and ways to spend their leisure time, the amount of music available to stay in their high-tech age of vinyl, and understanding of the cosmos is not so far today. Two reasons why an individual establishment or the entire culture continues to grow in knowledge development and in the number of which extend it.

The reason why we can say that new generations are born every day comes from the fact that no matter how we place the boundary between the generation rate of 30-40 new or used because of some arbitrary rule, there are always individuals who are older than 30-40 people born today in for example. This produces a constant flow of new generation to be born but not for a world that will be exactly the same as it was for a birth in the days ahead. For example, the daily work done by scientists with the causes of their number constant flow of new data that will be born, the amount of knowledge in general and enhance the data already stored as accurately have been replaced with more accurate data.

Sense of representation of reality conditions of individuals in the relativity with the knowledge gained. If knowledge is developed further, the individual is conditioned by the knowledge that was developed more than those who developed further prior knowledge. Psychoanalytic therapy or neurosis said Finnish society left behind by the psychological, and thus Freudian methodology and some descriptive words replaced with mental illness, resulting in a new generation of psychologists to enter into a different field than what it was for their predecessors.

Formation of a new generation is also enjoying a basic knowledge of the human psyche that is based on a wider number of research, so that the capacity of the brain receives a constructive starting point that does not have elements that have been found to be obsolete. This is similar to computer science, where it can be perceived how all phases of development in computer technology, and programming languages, including newly emerging, still part of the neurological capacity computer scientists or people who have used them since the days when the revolutionary Amiga or Commodore 64 , then exceeded for the first form of Dos and Windows operating systems, where a new generation of start condition of their capacity with far more developed technologies and programming languages from Java to C + +.

Because development-oriented culture that has developed educational system whose goal is to exceed further development, such as the construction of reality-oriented and conditioned as such a natural social structure of society to the members of the newborn. The system uses state of the art education pedagogy and education systems using state of art knowledge for the meaning representation of reality conditions for a new generation. The key to the development of all in the constant development of knowledge and then build applications in relativity, developed by science, including philosophy, ethics, and to taste examples of fashion, leaving behind the outdated, less complex forms in the rear. More developed sense of reality is a more advanced form of reality, and the more developed senses of reality are members of a culture, a growing culture.

Henry M. Piironen, http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Henry_M._Piironen

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