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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Learning Communities

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Professional Learning Communities - What Are They and How Do They Work?
Learning Communities
Professional Learning Communities is intended to promote collaborative learning between educators and other important people in similar working environment. This brings to educators, administrators and other partners to work together as a group based on their field. Professional learning community program can show you how to work as a community not only improve the curriculum, that enhance the learning experience overall. By working together in this community, you are responsible for their own results. In a professional learning community focus is on learning and performance rather than just on teaching.

More specifically, the professional learning community is designed to produce student learning outcomes and achievement. This includes developing an action plan a special school for classroom educators and school sites or areas of expertise.

Reformist approaches to the education system can be profitable if done correctly. Some schools offer graduate programs of professional learning communities. It can help people who are interested in education to become aware of how to create a more challenging curriculum and collaborative learning techniques and methodologies. Type of training can really transform a school, or organization that may be ready for reform.

It is important to know about diverse teaching styles and explore your own learning style and how it impacts team dynamics of professional and student / teacher relationship to learning is important. Another significant aspect of professional learning communities is how they affect both the organization's management for the organization and classroom settings. specific educational programs and book explores the changing role of school restructuring and learning practices, as well as the conceptual framework and the research behind the implementation of programs and practices that lead to the highest student achievement and staff development in the most progressive educational environment. To take advantage of a professional learning community environment is important to study this aspect as well.

Educators in the reform measures of action-oriented system using the results to explain what each student should learn, learning to monitor in a timely manner, each student gives a systematic intervention, and using collective inquiry / feedback to create a collaborative atmosphere of continuous improvement. The main purpose of professional learning communities is to create a clear and compelling vision of how an organization should be shifted to help all students learn, whether it be private or public school.

Some of the important goals of professional learning communities are as follows. To clarify the goals of educators and developed a mission statement based action, to evaluate the importance of Systems Thinking and Constructivist Teaching in the schools, and to clarify and reach consensus about what students should learn. It is also important for educators in the community to underscore the importance of meshing personal learning style and create a safe environment for effective communication. personal learning and communication styles play a key role in an effective way of learning is due to different learning styles affect group performance. Overall, it is clear that the study group can be very valuable for everyone involved including students, educators, and schools. This creates a new environment where people can work together and understand which methods are useful and which need improvement.

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